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Classifieds posting guidelines

Postby keithj » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:13 am

The following guidelines must be adhered to for the fairness of all.
Any concerns with these guidelines should be directed to myself.

Happy posting,

Dealer ads

All advertisements by Dealers must be placed in the "Dealer Classifieds" section only. The exception is where you are posting an ad on behalf of a customer, ie. A private sale. That ad may be posted in the "Trials bikes for sale" section, duly noted that it is a private sale. That same ad cannot then be posted in the "Dealers" section. (See below for more detail).


Cross posting is the practice of posting the same article in multiple sections of a forum. Eg. posting a classified ad in the "Dealers" section, then posting the same ad in the general section. This practice is not condoned.

There are a few reasons for this. It is often confusing, annoying, or simply a waste of time to readers of the forum to have duplicate postings to read. It is also interpreted by many as a poor reflection on the poster's knowledge of 'netiquette' (the acceptable use of forums), and therefore harms a poster's reputation. Lastly it raises questions about the fairness of the system for other forum members, as cross posting essentially gives twice the exposure.

Editing ads (or "bumping" a post)

A "Bump" is the practice of responding to an article simply so that it moves to the top of the index page of articles. A favourite of sellers, it stops an advert being automatically deleted after two months and the seller having to re-enter the ad.

This practice is allowable on Trials AUSTRALIA, so long as there has been a significant change to the original article. For example, if you have dropped the price of a bike, or perhaps included extra accessories to entice a sale, you may "bump" it to the top. Unacceptable use would be a "bump" with no change to the ad.

You can either note the new details in the "bump" response, OR edit the original ad. Note that if you ONLY edit the original without responding, it WILL NOT move to the top.

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