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Where have I been - who really cares!!!

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 4:11 pm
by BJ
Hi all,

Last trial I rode was Glenmaggie 2009 :cry:

Since then I've keep my foot in, well up as much as I can, riding in my practice sections and doing some trail riding on the SY250R. If it's the only thing better than Vicco weather it's the joy of Recreational Registration! Down here in mexico you can build your own bike if you like and still get it out in the bush legally, so having a trials bike as a trail bike is not out of the question. Be warned though DSE will fine you if caught rock hopping on public land.

The accommodation business keeps me locked in on public holidays and many weekends so in order to keep enjoying my love of two wheels I went out and bought a new KTM 250 enduro.

I still plan to stay involved with trials although getting to compete is a bit tough at the moment but I invite anyone that I have ridden with that has a dark side like me to come along for some quality Otways trail riding.

I will keep checking out the site (looks great KJ) and dropping in on the forum. In a little while I plan on getting back into the feet up and MototrialsVic will stay a going concern although it is a bit more trail orientated than trials for the time being. If anyone has an interest in the domain names - or look me up. I'm not so keen to part with them as I know I'll be back and I'll kick myself if I don't have them when my business interests allow more focus on trials than I can permit just now.

Re: Where have I been - who really cares!!!

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:04 am
by Neo
Hey BJ,

Great to hear from you at long last!!! =D>

I must admit there's a few people on this forum now that might not even know who you are ....but at least I do 8)

Good to know your business is rocking and and that you still ride the occasional rocks :P .....I might pop down with my bike for a stay myself some time. =P~

Nice Orange thing....but remember the blue things are more fun in the long (or short) run :lol:

Come back soon.

Best of balance.