Twinshock Rules?

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Jon V8
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Re: Twinshock Rules?

Postby Jon V8 » Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:15 am

Should be a great adventure, me and my son on 1942 G3l Matchless's, Steve - Who owns the Chapman on another G3l.Then there are 3 other mates on a pair of 16H Norton's and an M20 BSA. That's just our little group with my brother Jo from Chidlow WA driving my van with all the kit...
Another mate is flying over with his girlfriend in a 1942 Piper Cub spotter plane ! Then there are 38 DC3 Dakota's flying over from Duxford to do a parachute drop of 250 people.
Sorry this isn't trials related,but anyone interested in WW2 history,old bikes or kit in general should find plenty of interest.I'm missing the Somerton Classic British 2 day to go to France,so to me its an experience not to miss.

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Re: Twinshock Rules?

Postby JC1 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:30 pm

David Lahey wrote:One thing I've always wondered is would a motor from a 1980 DT175 (non-linkage monoshock trailbike) be eligible to use in a TY175 frame for twinshock pre-87. They are functionally extremely close to a TY175 motor and much more plentiful so if the DT175 motor was allowed then there might be more TY175s in use

Dave, I'd think those engine would definitely be eligible

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