tidying up an old plated frame

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David Lahey
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tidying up an old plated frame

Postby David Lahey » Sun Feb 07, 2021 12:18 pm

The Sammy Miller :Bultaco: highboy frame that arrived recently looks like it was chrome plated when new and the chrome is still quite good in most areas but is all gone in some areas, the worst being the swing-arm near the rear tyre tread.
I have no intention of having it re-plated so am looking for options for how to manage the bare steel areas but still retain the patina.
My concern is that if not coated with something to keep the air and moisture away, the bare steel will keep rusting.
I was thinking of spray-painting the bare steel bits with clear.
Does anyone have other suggestions for this?

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Bully fanatic
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Re: tidying up an old plated frame

Postby Bully fanatic » Sun Feb 07, 2021 1:33 pm

Try some Cold Gal spray paint David. The silver could be reasonable close to the chrome in colour without standing out like you know whats! A light spray will make all the ali
flakes stand up on their ends to make the silver look lighter in colour.

tat ty
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Re: tidying up an old plated frame

Postby tat ty » Sun Feb 07, 2021 6:25 pm


I have a friend who I reckon does a stunning job on his restorations. He does a lot.

I once asked him the same question.

His view was that you do nothing apart from buff it and then WD it regularly.

This guy is a sign writer by trade ... and his view is that whatever you coat it with will finally fail and give more grief than the WD application.

Food for thought.


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Re: tidying up an old plated frame

Postby Jools » Mon Feb 08, 2021 9:57 am

Not to split hairs, but many 'specialist' frames were NICKEL plated, -(CCMs and Cheney BSAs for example) not Chrome plated, as this compromised the steel strength I believe.

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