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2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 4:27 pm
by Twinshock200
I have been trying to understand this "One event Comp licence" that has just been announced.
I'm speaking as a senior rider based in Qld.
Previously if a rider hadn't got a full MQ licence he could get one for an event by filling in the appropriate forms either in the post, Nominate, or on the day for a fee of $55 or $65 for a competitive licence or $25 for a non competitive licence which is what the SE Qld clubs have been charging over the last couple of seasons, which is fair enough.
Now MA come in and tell us they are, as follows;
"The aim of the review has been to streamline the licencing structure and in turn reduce the overall cost."

Unless I am missing something here MA are streamlining nothing but their own admin workload, and increasing the costs to Qld riders not reducing them.
Maybe its an overall benefit to all the other branches of motorcycle sport in Australia but once again its not helping to increase rider numbers in Qld and other states I would imagine.
To ride Conondale without a full MQ licence this year will cost;
One event licence $75
Entry fee $40 (est)
Join Club, 1 day $10 (est)
Cost to venue $40 (est)
Total $165

I know several riders who feel the same as me but what about the other states, are you all happy with yet another cost to spoil our rides or will it be accepted without question.

And to add a bit more to my argument I have just looked up the cost of an MQ Senior trials restricted licence on their website and its gone up to $235 this year plus "Nominate" application fees.
Last year it was $216 "inc Nominate fees". I wonder if anyone at MQ or the Qld SCB trials committee keep a record of numbers or revenue earned from Qld trials over the past 10 years, I think it will be going down dramatically if you take out price increases !!!

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:25 pm
by sybella
ROGER JUST DON'T GO . If your not renewing your license these things shouldn't bother you . Seems a bit odd that you bag the crap out of our clubs in Queensland and you still want to ride our events. The 10 dollar increase for a ma license is a small amount to pay for 12mts of excellent organized insured trials .. We are lucky to have 5 clubs in Queensland who work there butts off tto make trials the best they can . You should have a go at motor cross and then compare your cost . Trials is still the greatest and cheapest motorcycle sport going . Thx Tony Bax

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:27 pm
by Bully fanatic
The One Event Recreational licences are still available for a much lower cost. You can`t ride in a competition on one though. Even if you are riding non competitive. They have combined the Junior and the Senior One Day Competition licences into one One Day Competition Licence which has gone up in cost. If you read the MOMS you will see the rules on a Recreational Licence. They are fine for a Practice Day or a Coaching Day or a Trail ride but that is all. They are not for any Competition Day. Graham.

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:41 pm
by Twinshock200
Get one thing straight Tony, I'm not "bagging the crap" out of SE Qld clubs, I'm merely asking the thinking behind this "new" licence and why the cost has gone up.
You haven't been around here long enough to know what I did with the SE Qld clubs and you are wrong in saying that I still want to ride the MQ events.
So tell us Tony,,,,
1. Who has benefitted by the introduction of this new licence because I can't see any for someone who wants to ride competitively.
2. Why do MA tell us they are reducing costs when its actually going up in Qld.

Lets keep it nice Tony

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:19 pm
by sybella
Roger your first question who will benefit, I will as a property owner .I get a cover note for my property Right cover for the right competition. I personally can see people taking up this cheaper option , this will give my mates in North Queensland a cheaper option to ride a competition , as they can't make all events. Question 2 everything goes up check your electricity bill.We are trying to grow the sport more riders less cost , so in saying that you could be the reason my fees are going up.As for not being involved in trials , my first trials bike i was a modified Honda 90 step thru in 1975 I started riding competing in 1986 in the North Queensland comps and rode my first National title event at Cunugra in 1991in open solo , and have been involved ever since .And that's the reason I get pissed off with people grub our sport.I personally don't give a rats what you did in the last 30 years , IFyou did as much as you say you did for the clubs in SE Qld, you are certainly undoing any good work you may have done in the past .That's as nice as I can put it Roger.cheers Tony Bax

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:36 pm
by Jools
Entry fees, licence costs? Seems to have all disappeared up it's own self-indulgent fundamental like so many things nowadays.
My kid and his kid and me, and various mates would love to get involved in the sport again (after many years absence), but the costs are off the scale. Dopey IMHO! Want to discourage involvement? Want the sport to wither? - On the right track to be sure.

I'll just invite 'em all to my place, there will be no cost, no self-important rules and regulations, there will be plenty of good sections. Who will be the loser? :lol:

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:54 pm
by holster
Just getting back into Trials this year with my Son. Great father/son bonding times. We have space on our block with some obstacles to practice on for free but going to Trials keeps us keen and tests us more than we probably would test ourselves. It's also great from the social aspect.
The cost of Trials over the year including the licenses is :
Less than my son's soccer fees for 1 season
Less than my daughter's singing lessons for 1 term
and less than many people spend on their morning coffee over a year.
Puts it in perspective for me

My point is that if you love it and it's something you want to do/have you will find value in it. I therefore have no problem with the current costs.

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:10 pm
by Twinshock200
Trials have been my sport since I did my first open road trial in 1963 and won the novice award in the James Trophy trial and I won't bore you with the rest.
Tony you aren't listening to what I'm saying,,,,, "your mates in North Qld" had the cheaper option all the time to use a one day licence at $55 now they have to pay $75, I bet they are pleased with that !! I know they can still use the non comp recreation licence but its still the same price as before and as for your comment "more riders less cost", how can that make sense when our costs are going up. I know from the events I rode in during the early 80's our sport isn't growing and I regularly have conversations about,,, "what happened to old so and so, I haven't seen him for a while" ?
Maybe I have been around for too long and seen all the cost increases over the last 37 years that new riders haven't experienced so they accept what they are given but it doesn't stop me from expressing my opinion.

I have too much respect for the work done by the Qld clubs to rubbish the events they put on and you will never find that sort of criticism from me, I'm simply critical of the sports governing body and the way they impose higher fees on us every season.

The thread from Jools says it all but while the powers that be go around with their heads in the clouds, nothing will change.
Maybe I should be lobbying for a seniors discounted licence, there's gonna be a lot of them over the next 10 years !!

No more from me on this subject, I'm done.

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:49 am
by TerrY
If only your last comment was true.
I am a MA licenced rider. I sign a form to say that I will abide by the rules of MA when I join. MA makes it quite clear in all its information what the rules and charges are. It is not a perfect organisation but which one is? I make that choice.
Now I am MA, Tony Bax is MA, all licenced Riders are MA, all affiliated clubs are MA. MA is nothing without riders, officials, clubs, administrators, employees etc.
So, Roger, when you criticise MA ( not the clubs in your words ) you don't realise it but you are effectively criticising me, Tony Bax, all licenced riders, clubs, officials, etc.
You are entirely entitled to your opinion - it is a free country almost. You are indeed fortunate to be able to air your opinion on a site substantially supported by MA - the very organisation you are criticising.
But I am fully aware of your opinion and I, and I believe many, many others, do not wish to hear it any more.
You have made your decision freely to remove yourself from the organisation. Move on in your new endeavours.
So please now leave us to get on with our enjoyment of Trials Competition.

Re: 2017 One event Competition Licence !!

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:24 pm
by Twinshock200
Sorry to disappoint you in your first comment Terry but felt a right of reply after reading such pompous crap that you dished out on behalf of MA, MA clubs, riders, MA administrators, employees and officials.
Good to know you are speaking on their behalf !!!!!!!

Trials is my sport and has been for 56 years competitively so when I see something I don't think is good then I speak up and I won't be told to keep quiet and sit in the corner like you arrogantly suggested.
You weren't so critical when I turned up at Conondale last time and laid out all the lower grade sections with Graham Weiss on our own and WDTC wasn't even my club, I just wanted to help.
There are a lot of riders that don't live on the posh side of town who accept price increases because they have no choice but sadly I'm one of the not so silent majority and I've got plenty more if I get fired up !!!!.