Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

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Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby Jools » Sat May 26, 2018 8:29 pm

Sorry for my title but REALLY! What sort of anal penpushers are writing this PC MA Garbage?
I've just been reading from 'Kickstart getting started in junior motorcycle sport' publication.
What silly tossers had the bright idea that a written test would in any way, help get kids into Trials?

No wonder junior Trials entries are grovelling in the dust! Why on earth would you bother with all that crap? -Just go out and DO IT with a few mates in the bush, brilliant, no competition... stuff all those pumped-up self-important 'officials', who needs it?

Please don't think that I'm criticising the great officials and helpers who give so much time and effort into the sport, absolutely not. I have the utmost respect and affection for these good people.
It just seems that once things get into 'organisational committees', things go horribly awry.

Most of all that stuff is motivated by pumped-up egoists, insurance companies, and law firms anyway. Just THINK: why junior entries are pathetically low? No it's not because the sport is lousy or boring, (WE know that it is close to the finest expression of man and machine), it's because we have stupid people laying down stupid laws. We need to get back in touch with the REAL essence of the sport.

All the self-important pretentious officious crap just puts MORE barriers up against young people coming into our wonderful sport.
I'll be interested to hear the officious rationales in reply, (I can anticipate it and I'm grinning sardonically already)!

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby Terryg » Sun May 27, 2018 1:48 pm

The last MA job advert was $75 K a year so I suppose they have to justify their existence.... :mrgreen:

Perhaps a few more clubs should form along the lines of SQTA as its very friendly with no crap and for me it was affordable, at the time I looked at MA pricing and like a lot more people I could not justify spending that sort of money.

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby outforfun » Mon May 28, 2018 11:16 am

There are a few things in moto trials that could be better thought through.

The trouble with motor sports in Australia is the area of promotion of the sports to others. All of the hype is around the elite level.

In the case of moto trials, attention is directed at the Raga, Bou, etc. Did they wake up with their skills? How is the average punter to think when shown that level at a show, on the idiot box, etc?

Have a good look at some of the sections at an event. Where is the greatest emphasis placed? Red, yellow, and some blue lines. Oh,there are other riders? Really?

I have never seen moto trials in the paper, on the idiot box, or in a motorbike book that is not dedicated to trials.

Then there is the movement trying to get more ladies and girls onto a trials bike. I agree with them. But... I haven't seen anything outside of the trials Australia website and the MA newsletter for advertising this.

Recently there was a mountain bike ride for girls only near Toowoomba. It was on the WIN news in the sports section. The lass being interviewed had the biggest smile and her enthusiasm was there in spades. Where's the moto trials women on wheels version?

How can you build a sport and increase participation if you direct it to those already in it?

Just my 2 cents

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby Jools » Mon May 28, 2018 1:25 pm

One of the (only) benefits of being a grumpy ol' man is you can have a good whinge now and again.
My OP was a bit strong perhaps, (but I paid penance by wearing my MA cap all day at the Mt Bolton Trial ;-)
Anyway upon glancing through the MA publication I thought it was not a bad idea to provoke some discussion on the red tape, the result of which is demonstrated by the pic.
(My whinge probably better directed at MA, but anyway I'm here).

Good Trial at Mt Bolton yesterday. Was good to get a few of the VJMC boys up there too, -you never know where a new rider might spring from, - anything we can do to encourage spectators is a good move.
Which brings me to this image, which says it all really doesn't it?


Junior entrants circled. Three.
Now, I don't profess to have many easy answers to this, but one thing is clear, and it's the first thing to do: ANY barrier to participation which is not absolutely necessary needs to be removed.

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby womblesti » Mon May 28, 2018 1:54 pm

Can’t say I disagree with the sentiment.

My 9 year old wants to start giving it a go and the only way I could work out what the “kickstart” program is was to call MAV. They just told me to talk to the club.

The couple of committee members I’ve enquired with have no idea what I’m talking about. Not their fault, and I’m sure I just need to ask the right person.

I let it go a little as I have other things going on and he’s expressing more interest in go karts now.

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby YFZ LUKE » Tue May 29, 2018 11:41 am

A note on Juniors ..we constantly have 6-8 juniors at our club days.. On occasion they are the majority... When my kids did their kick-start day.. It was purely based on mx/enduro ...but met the ma/ mnsw guidelines .. Another killer is the licensing fees ..imagine a family of two or three kids all riding..tje Best thing I've seen lately is the TRA affiliation and the government's active kids rebate.. Here's a thought for MA.. Apply a little discount to those licence holders fees , that actively volunteer as officials at club level.. If they are good enough to volunteer why not give them a doesnt worry me , but a little assistance to others would be good
BTW did they recently change the kick start program ? Last I heard MA wanted to leave it to a nominated club person to challenge test the rider.. Making it easier to get accredited

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby Bully fanatic » Tue May 29, 2018 8:47 pm

Up Here in Queensland the MQ Trials Sub Committee pays all the under 13 entry fees. This means all of the children under 13 don`t have to pay any entry fees for any Trials. The 13 to 16 age group pay half the adult fees. We did this to try and attract more kids into the sport and so far it seems to be having an effect. Not a big one but slowly there are a few more kids riding. This is the second year we have been doing this now and I think we will continue for as long as we can. Graham.

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby David Lahey » Tue May 29, 2018 9:23 pm

I remember years ago one of our local MA accredited trainers (who is a trials rider) had a daughter who needed to do the MA training before being allowed to ride in MA trials competition, and she (the trainer) organised a training day to achieve this, in conjunction with the local MA-affiliated MX club, at the local MX track. There were quite a few kids on MX bikes and her one kid on a trials bike.
Well all the kids did lots of trials training at the MX track and loved it.

I agree with YZF Luke about the MA licence fees and think whoever is willing to officiate so the rest of us can ride should only ever pay a nominal amount for their MA licence. Yes I would pay more for my MA licence to cover the cost of their MA licence

relax, nothing is under control

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby Davedeece » Wed May 30, 2018 4:06 pm

To be honest joined a club last year. But couldnt get my son signed off to ride in a comp. He had ridden in a juinors minikhana club for 6 years. Each time he needed capacity endorsement you could get it done within a month. We tried for a year with trials club and gave up he's 13 now and racing cars in motorkhanas. Licenced on the spot and the lic only cost 35 dollars.
The rules are bizzare in terms of capacity he raced smaller capacity mx bikes that could clock 100 on the bigger tracks but not allowed to ride a trials bike. Another one lost to the sport, two if you count me.

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby JAKROO » Thu May 31, 2018 6:17 pm

I don't think the kickstart course is too much, certainly not when it's been tailored for Trials. It has some theory and some practical to make sure the child can stay on the bike to some degree. About 6 years ago my then 6 yr old son got his first endorsment for 85cc (he was riding a 50cc at the time). He is now riding an 80cc which is still using his current endorsement, and will later this year move up to a 125cc. He's of the skill that 'today' he could use the extra engine capacity and wheel rolling but he's of typical size and he's only just getting to the physical size that he could just manage a 125. Sure, he could ride a 250 or 300cc on the flat but get it in to steeper country and it'll hurt him if he was to get in to trouble. Why take the risk and turn him off it because I didn't give him the most suitable bike and he binned it.

He'll need a new endorsement for the 125, and then by the time he's able to compete on any larger capacity, he'll be too old to need an endorsement. So, 2 tests in about 6 years is not a big impost at all.

Kickstart's downfall is that it only records injury, it'd be far better to record competition so you can see the number of events count up and therefore the experience growing as well. It doesn't need to record results, but it is a special certification/qualification to allow the child to compete, so to my mind it should record at least that.

Yes, the fees are starting to get substantial, but if we competitors were to have some insight in to the make up of it, we'll probably better appreciate the basis of it. I'd be surprised if the clubs were making much, if any, on a normal club trial and with the state/open level comps, the insurances and extra levies would be higher yet again. Context is everything, so if as an example (and I don't know the actual break up, so I'm guessing) a $50 fee is $20 for insurances and MA, $15 for riding area purchase and up keep (these are big plots of land that are expensive to buy and maintain) and $15 for club fees, then we can see that it's not a lot of money for each party in the equation.

There are some price breaks when licencing multiple people from the one family but, just because 2 people from the one family are riding doesn't necessarily reduce the insurance risk.

Having said that, most of us would use a set of tyres every now and again, most levers and grips etc are relatively cheap to replace, and perhaps we might consume 3l of fuel on a day's it's very cheap in the scheme of motorbiking.

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