Getting hooked!

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Getting hooked!

Postby gasser_nate » Mon Mar 01, 2021 4:55 pm

Took the worlds most expensive trials bike out for a ride today as the poor old thing needed some love and tlc (truck loads of cash) and had a absolutely awesome ride. Rode up some very intimidating steps and rock faces and the little bike just sailed up everything. Installed a stiffer shock spring is a massive improvement and totally transformed the bike. It seriously feels like a new bike.

Feeling like I am getting some confidence and comfort on it now and I do not shy away from many hills and obstacles. My balance is improving but couldn’t really go in the other direction! Would have loved to have ridden another couple of hours out there but it was starting to get very humid and sweaty!

The Ec will get a blast at the local on Wednesday.

07 TXT280

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