Women in the TROY series

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Re: Women in the TROY series

Postby sherco250 » Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:22 pm

I agree with Toby,

If we are all about advocating women in trials in Australia then a grade in the Victorian Champioship Series for us should definately exist. If we want to develop the female participation in trials, then the absence of a class for us is only stalling this progress.
The VMS is designed to establish champions across all grades. How is a womens class any different to a sub-junior, junior or masters grade?
NSW has a class, as does SA & QLD, so why is VIC behind the 8-ball?

There are plenty of female riders here. Don't leave us out.

Mrs Kaos
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Re: Women in the TROY series

Postby Mrs Kaos » Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:35 pm

Come on girls, let's get behind each other, we need Victoria to recognise a Womens class. NSW has a great system for the Womens class so the format is already there. For most women riders in NSW, it's easier to travel to Victoria, and it would be great to support the Victorian rounds, as they do for our NSW rounds. We need to promote women in trials as was proved with Glenmaggie this year with the amount of women who participated.

We then need to voice our opinions when it comes time to do up the calenders so major events don't coinside with each states rounds. It makes sense, there are 52 weekends in the year, let's work together and sort out a fantastic calendar for 2010.

Come on girls, the more people who voice their opinions, the more chance of this happening.

Cheers, Mrs Kaos

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Re: Women in the TROY series

Postby outfit65 » Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:22 pm

After riding Glenmaggie this year I was, firstly, amazed at how many girls/women are riding in Victoria, and, secondly, amazed that Trials Victoria is not running a TROY Class for them this year.

Here in SA we only have 5 - 6 girls/women that ride regularily, but we are running a Women's Class in our TROY Series to try and get more riders riding trials. It is all about promoting the sport, not only to other facets, but to get wives and girlfriends on bikes as well.

Our remaining TROY Series dates for 2012 are
June 20th - Mountain Man (run by the Keyneton MCC, this year on Mengler Hill, site of the 2006 SA Titles)
June 27th - Peter Sparkes Sidecar Trophy (run by the AJS MTC at Tungkillo, near where the 2007 SA Titles were held)
July 18th - Max Graetz Moto Trial (run by the Gawler MCC at Tungkillo, site of the 2007 SA Titles)
September 12th - Crystal Brook Moto Trial (run by the AJS MTC at the Crystal Brook motocross complex)

Our SA Championships are going to be held on July 31st & August 1st at Brenton & Tyler Hogan's property at Wirrabara.
(If entries warrant it, there may be a Senior & Junior Women's Class added, at least 4 in each class)

The success of introducing the SA Women's Cup in 2009 is already starting to be seen with a couple of rookies having bought bikes for 2010, and the 2010 SA Women's Cup now has a major sponsor.
The 2010 'Taste Eden Valley' SA Women's Cup will be run on September 25th & 26th at Eden Valley and the classes will be the same as the Australian Women's Cup.


I agree with 'Mrs Kaos', that we, as states should work together a bit more to sort dates out, although the 52 weeks in each year is a lot less in SA as we do have quite a long fire ban season (being the driest state in OZ does have it's drawbacks).
Maybe we could promote a 3 round series for Women from 2011 onwards which includes (for example) Glenmaggie, the Aust Woman's Cup and the SA Women's Cup, which is seperate from the Aussies (which should always be the number 1 priority).

After enduros - I think it would be the only Women's comp in Australia in motorcycling!

Let us know your thoughts and ideas people!

Andrew Warnest
SA Moto Trials Sports Manager

Sidecars - its betta to have a swinger than fly solo!

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Re: Women in the TROY series

Postby Axel » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:42 am

Come on Victoria! Where's the response to this important topic? :(

Surely the men aren't afraid the women will show them up? :lol:

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Re: Women in the TROY series

Postby The Hell Team » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:02 pm

Helen('s) of TROY?

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