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Coonabarabran Trials Club

Postby manxman » Wed Dec 22, 2010 9:26 pm

The Coonabarabran Motorcycle Club is up and running. We have members, a committee, a provisional calendar and plenty of venues, what we don't have as yet is public liability insurance, but we are working on that one and it should be in place by the time of our first event on March 6th 2011.
It was pretty much decided early on that the club would be a trials club with trail riders catered for on a social basis on the hope they will 'get the bug' or failing that learn the multitude of skills necessary to observe.
Our biggest decision has been the one to go it alone, with our own setup and insurance.
At this point I must offer my heartfelt thanks to Ian Rogers and the Southern Queensland Trials Association for all their help and guidance so far, with more to come I am sure.
Not an easy task starting from scratch, despite some of us having a long association with off-road motorcycling clubs.
When starting out in any sport, its easy to forget the club has gone to a lot of trouble and effort over time to get things right for you on the day.
Hopefully by the time March comes around we will be organised enough to offer entry to all classes of bike and riders.
Denman has an excellent twin-shock setup, but all bikes will be eligible for our events, we just want trials bikes out there on the ground, with everyone enjoying themselves.
There will always be an open invitation to anyone wishing to visit the area, well worth it by the way, and have a ride with some of the locals.
At the moment we are aiming for a trial on the first Sunday of each month, with a two day event sometime in August, possibly 13/14 to accomodate our Qld friends.
Accomodation and camping is not a problem around here, most landowners will let us set up camp for the event, mainly because most of the landowners are members.
At this point, I will throw it open for your comments, good or bad, all are welcome, but please don't start knocking us just yet, we need a chance to prove we can do it.

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Re: Coonabarabran Trials Club

Postby Stu » Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:01 pm

Peter, with my folks just down the road at Mendooran, I'll look into making the trek from the South Coast for the 2 day. I'll stay at Mendooran and drag Dad up to watch!

Feet up, as always!

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Re: Coonabarabran Trials Club

Postby ianrogers » Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:56 am

Go you good thing CMC and welcome aboard the "Love Boat"! If my maths is correct, that makes 4 unaffiliated safe anchorages in Australia now, 2 in Qld, 1 in Tassie and now the CMC in NSW, all contributing toward making trials more accessable for the general public and at affordable prices.
There will be a lot of folk up here keeping an eye on your progress and be assured that you will be getting 100% support from our end.

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