Fox Airline gloves for Trial

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Fox Airline gloves for Trial

Postby kevin_zar » Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:21 pm

One of the things I am always looking out for are excellent gloves for riding Trials, that are readily available.
For many years I used a range of different types of gloves even when sponsored by Fox, and now that sponsorship has dwindled they have started producing a great glove that I am buying.
The Fox Airlines is a light, single layer palm glove which for the 2013 year retails for $37.95 in bike shops everywhere, and comes is a wide array of colours to match most tastes.
Things we like:
-consistant fit, they fit the same new and after a dozen washes, without shrinking or stretching out.
- ventilated palm, at first I expected this to a problem, but the holes just allow enough air flow to keep your hands dry and keep dirt out
What we don't like:
- no closing strap, these gloves just slide on and are an easy fit, but after years and years of flipping over a tab to hold gloves on, it's hard to not go looking for a Velcro tap just out of habit
- should have been released years ago.

Good quality products that suit trial are becoming more and more readily available here in Australia, without the need buy on-line from overseas.
I'll be putting up more products that are well worth a look that I have bought, which I hope may be useful to others.

best regards,
Kevin Zarczynski
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Re: Fox Airline gloves for Trial

Postby Napier Leo » Mon Dec 29, 2014 5:20 am

I simply purchased my first match of super thin gloves two days prior. It has been raining non stop here so I haven't gotten an opportunity to attempt them out yet they feel stunning simply wearing them.

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