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Postby BAT Woman » Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:00 pm

Dear Trials riders & especially the females,

Below is a formal invite to the Women's Cup. However, I would like to also like to personally invite all female riders to support this event.

This year we have Senator Kate Lundy, Minister for Sport coming to open the cup & the Motorcycling Australia have contacted me for a briefing for the minister. It really will be a show case to the government about our sport & especially about promoting women in Trials. We need to have a good turn up for MA, our sport & future funding. They really want to see Australia's female talent. Unfortunately, we have had very little interest from 'the girls' & I fear all the effort to get the Canberra Trials Park ready for the event & all the support we have had may end up being a waste of time & effort.

So, please, if it is at all possible, come!

For interstaters, we are holding it on the Saturday after ANZAC Day. So, you only need to have Friday off, to travel here. Ride Saturday & drive home Sunday. It is also school holidays. If you would like to stay & ride on the Sunday we are also having a practice day, at the Park. If you are keen to MTB the famous Stromlo Forest Park we are also doing that early on Sunday morning, & everyone is welcome. Looking at going out for dinner on Saturday night, also. If you need any information please ring me on 0412 730 950

I hope to see you there :D

Yours in Trials.

Bev Anderson
Women's Development Officer
Trials Club of Canberra

On behalf of the Trials Club of Canberra I would like to extend an invitation to you to join us for
The 2013 Sherco Australian Women's Cup,
being held on Saturday, 27 April 2013.
As you know, the Trials Club of Canberra runs 'Club' trials as well as 'Open' trials in a season running from February to November each year. A feature event each year at one of the Open Trials is The Sherco Australian Women’s Cup.
The Sherco Australian Women’s Cup is a National Moto-Trial for solo competitors, and will be celebrating its 12th anniversary this year. While the cup is only open to Women, the event will also host a trials event for other categories of riders to participate.
We would welcome you to register as a competitor, attend as a volunteer official, or support the event as a spectator.
This year we are able to bring the 'cup' closer to the people of Canberra. With the generous support of the ACT government, a new Trials facility is currently under development within the Fairbairn Park Motorsport complex. The grant has enabled club members to develop a Trials facility capable of hosting competitions and regular club events and practice days for Trials enthusiasts from around the region. The Park provides the opportunity for a family friendly motor sport to be enjoyed in a purpose built facility that enables enjoyment of the natural environment, without degrading the local habitat, and can be enjoyed 'legally'.
It is with great pleasure that we also announce that Senator Kate Lundy will welcome competitors and officially open The 2013 Sherco Australian Women's Cup. We hope you can support the club by being present for this.

Event details
Name: The Sherco Australian Women's Cup
Promoter: The Trials Club of Canberra
Date: Saturday, 27 April 2013
Opening: 9.45am
Venue: Fairbairn Park Trials Centre , Fairbairn Park Motorsport Complex (ACT Motor Cycle Club)
Pialligo Ave,
For further information, please contact

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Postby Markjw » Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:40 pm

Ditto for Bev's comments
We are also holding a PRACTICE/TIPS Day on the Sunday as well with Kevin and Colin Zarzinski provide tips and hints to anyone, there time has been given in freely
So please WE NEED YOU


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