**STOLEN** 2012 Ossa TR280i - VICTORIA

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**STOLEN** 2012 Ossa TR280i - VICTORIA

Postby TRL EXP » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:20 am

Stolen from a garage in Ballarat, Victoria. This bike was stolen along with a 2011 Husqvarna enduro bike on Tuesday 15th January 2013.
It has frame guards, fluro green S3 stickers (only on one side of the wheels) and has done very little work so it looks brand new!

VIN: VCNTR28AAB0000230 ENG: MTR2801120348
If you are offered a cheap Ossa please contact the Ballarat Police station or Cass on 0402 181 943.

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Re: **STOLEN** 2012 Ossa TR280i - VICTORIA

Postby Neo » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:12 pm

What stupid fools would have done this? :shock:
Best of luck getting back .... you never know.

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Re: **STOLEN** 2012 Ossa TR280i - VICTORIA

Postby Mzutelija » Fri Jan 18, 2013 7:10 pm

No good bud, Hope everything goes well tracking down the bikes and thieves. Will keep my eyes peeled and ears to the ground.

paul b
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Re: **STOLEN** 2012 Ossa TR280i - VICTORIA

Postby paul b » Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:14 pm

make sure the bikes are recorded as stolen on the
ppsr.gov.au site

I have had a quad and a mountain bike stolen some years ago and I am still pissed off.
best wishes

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