New bloke seeks advice

Need help finding information or parts for that old machine in your shed? Someone in here will know!

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New bloke seeks advice

Postby Grumpybear » Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:15 pm

Afternoon all,

After nearly forty years of regular, pretty much incident free, motorcycling I was nearly killed by drunk woman in a Camry about six weeks ago and, being still in hospital, this has given me lots of time to reflect on my riding future.

I've often fancied giving trials a go, having cut my teeth on small trailies in PNG as a spotty youf, and then trail riding in the Top End and Central Australia. Up until now, I haven't been motivated enough to get off my hairy arse and do anything about it but that, hopefully, will change as soon as I'm fit enough.

Obviously I'll require a suitable mount (I had thought of converting my dad's '58 Ariel Red Hunter to Sammy Miller spec but he may not be too keen on the idea) and could really do with some advice on what would be a good (and reasonably priced) starting place. I really like the idea of a twin shocker of '70s/early '80s vintage and have drooled over the Montessas/Ossas etc in the classifieds but wonder if I might be better off going for something more prosaic like a TY (I've fond memories of chasing cows at dipping time on a friend's farm many years ago on a 175) - they seem to be more affordable in running condition than the more exotic marques; any comments? I'm also guessing that parts availability may also be better....

Also, what capacity should I be aiming for? I'm 186cm (6'1'' in old money) and a pre-prang weight of 100kg (although closer to 95kg now, which I'm hoping to maintain). I guess the power delivery from a bigger lump will be a bit more linear (a relative term in two strokes, I suppose) but potentially a bit heavier. If I was going down the TY route, what would you recommend, 175, 250 or 350?

Anyway, I've waffled way more than I intended (my sincere and heartfel apologies), if you've made it this far, thanks for your patience! Seriously though, any help/advice/wisdome and trials lore gratefuly accepted! Mark

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Re: New bloke seeks advice

Postby Jools » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:17 pm

I think you're right about the TY, in it's class it's hard to beat IMHO. Good performance, reliable, easy to work on, easy to get parts.
I'm a lot lighter than you so I like the 175, but you'll probably find it a shade gutless with your weight, so I'd be looking for a 250 if I were you. (Maybe a 350, but I haven't tried one).
(Don't dare touch that Red Hunter and GOV it!)
Good that you're finally going to get into it, - you'll love it.

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Re: New bloke seeks advice

Postby David Lahey » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:24 pm

If you want an easy time of it, definitely not an Ariel.
Easiest to learn trials on is the TY175, which has a torque curve like the nullabor and has very light handling. No you are not too big or too heavy. Ask Mark K about his if you want first-hand info.
Other TYs are good too. Parts are easiest to get for TY175 and twinshock TY250.

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Re: New bloke seeks advice

Postby Davedeece » Sun Jun 03, 2018 8:08 pm

A later model bike is so much nicer to ride and the bikes up to 2011 are pretty well priced. If you can stretch to even younger they are usually well maintained dont cost a lot for parts and from my experience parts availability is great. I have a 2011 gasgas and love how well it rides.
I also have a 99 beta,89 Fantic and a Honda TLR and in terms of ease of use the Gas Gas is the pick. Im in the same boat as you Minus Getting mowed down by a camry and heartily recomend getting the newest tech you can justify.

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