Me, what's vanity, were all friends.

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C grade participant
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Me, what's vanity, were all friends.

Postby Tony C » Wed Jan 10, 2007 4:54 pm

This took a little searching & bought back lots of fantastic memories.
My father rode scrambles & trials in UK on a James 197 then later on a Greeves so I guess it was in the blood from a young age.
We moved to Aust. in 1964.
We went to our first trial in Aust. at Heathcote in 1967, at the end of the day one of the competitors let me ride his highly modified Honda Stepthrough trilas bike?
I started riding trials in 1968 at age 14 with Willoughby DMCC.
Trials were the only discipline Juniors could compete in & all grades rode the same line. There was no stopping (5) or splits. The sections were set so A grade finished on about 10 points, therefore good C graders finished on around 60+ depending on severity.
My first bike was a Kawasaki C2TR modifide for trials. Most bikes around that time were modified trail bikes, Yamaha AT/CT1's, BSA Bantams & only a couple of true Sherpa T's or Cota's.
Trials in NSW was gaining in popularity, it seemed almost overnight the Spanish had flooded the market with Bultaco's, Montesa's & Ossa's.
My father imported some Dalesmen 125T's from UK ready for the 1970 season. They had a Puch 125 motor, were a very capable & competitive trials bike.
In June 1970 virtually every trials rider competed against Sammy Miller during his Aust. trip.
In Sept. 1970 I finished 2nd C Grade in Aust. Titles @ Glenorie NSW behind Gordon Heaney.
The same month I finished 3rd Non-Expert in Vic. Titles at Sedgewick behind Peter Paice & Geoff Owen.
The next week we were at the Qld. Titles where it was 5th C Grade.
There was lots of travelling in those days, most MC Clubs in regional areas put on trials as it was easy to do, find a friendly farmer etc..
In 1972 I updated to a Montesa 247 Cota.
In late 1973 the speed bug hit, I joined Manly WMCC till 1980 (ish) then Raymond Terrace MCC till 1985. During this time I mainly competed in MX & enduro's with odd forays in road racing & dirt track but still rode a TY175B & Bultaco T350 for practice.
Then marriage / kids / responsibilties etc. so all riding ceased.
In 2004 I purchased a 96 Beta 250 & decided to compete again as I was no longer content to watch motorsport on tv.
In 2006 I upgraded to 04 Beta 270.
My son is now riding the 96 250 & we both enjoy the company.
I must thank my wife for putting up with my motorsport addiction, eg postponed our honeymoon 24 hours so "I" could go to Bathurst (that was a hectic weekend).
Having ridden in most disciplines of motocycle sport I can honestly say trials has the most friendly & helpful people.

Tony C.

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